Sunday, November 05, 2006

First Post!

Ok well here is my progress blog. Feel free to comment on how cool I am! :P

I am currently working on:
-Cello Sontata in E minor by Vivaldi (Just the Tempo really...)
-Danse Rustique (Tempo and half of the second page)

Those pieces are from Suzuki book 5. Yes I am slowly working my way through the stupid Suzuki books. I can't wait until I am done with them. Only... Well there are only 5 more right? Or 7? I dunno, but I can't wait! Hehe! I should get going. Feel free to leave some pointers (Especially for the second mvt. of the cello sonata. ;))


Guanaco said...

And, another blogging cellist!

(I get to be your first commenter!)

Welcome to the blogosphere!

I just heard that Vivaldi piece at a Suzuki violinists' recital Friday night. I look forward to playing it one day.

PinkFluffySlippers said...

Gosh Guanaco how do you find all the blogging cellists so quickly? It was her very first post!

I never did the Suzuki books so I can't offer any real pointers, but just wanted to say Hi. So Hi, Cello Chick.

Terry said...

You're a little ahead of me. I'm currently on the 1st two movements of that Vivali sonata. You'll be leaving me in the dust, Suzuki-wise, since less than half my lessons are Suzuki-stuff. We get side-tracked a lot.

I enjoy following the trials and tribulations of Guanaco, PFS, and Erin, but it'll be nice to also follow a blog of someone further along, and probably, like me, prone to those frustratingly-long plateaus and other more senior issues.

MiaCella said...

Welcome Madeline! It's great to know that there are so many cello-addicts!

StarSkimmer said...

Hey cellochick! This is musiclover from celloheaven. I signed up for a blog too, and it's all your fault. Well, yours and guanaco's. Just wanted to say hi, and nice blog so far. :)