Monday, November 06, 2006


My Jargar A string broke so now I have to use a stupid red label! I just about cried when I was taking it off! That happened at my lesson on Friday (Which I forgot to mention in my previous post), so on top of me sounding bad, my cello sounded bad, so we sounded terrible together. Hehe.

Anyway, I have been considering recording me and Winnie and putting links to clips of us here, but I dunno... I'm terribly shy. Shy and negative! What a terrible combination. Would someone out there like to trade brains?!? Please!!! I know this sounds like a streatch, but I plan on joining the symphony when I am 17, just like my idol; Noah Littlejohn. ^_^ I absolutely admire his playing and firmly believe that he could go to Juilliard if he wanted to. In order to join the symphony at such a young age (As opposed to the adults in the orchestra who are 30+) I cannot be negative or shy! Therefor, someone needs to trade me brains. Guanaco you are reading this! Do you happen to know anyone who would trade me. Ha!

Next on my complaint list... Hmm... Nothing more to report. Goodness... The life of a cellist... Is stressful at times, but I love it none-the-less.

Oh and I love this vid. I'm sure you cellists out there have seen it.


Guanaco said...

Hi Madeline!

I bet there's not a cellist (or any other musician or perfomer) anywhere out there who doesn't experience a moment - at least - of sheer terror before stepping out on that stage. You are certainly not alone in doubting yourself.

I'm way too critical of myself to offer any good advice in that department, I'm afraid, except to say you should channel that self-criticism into positive motivation to work hard to keep getting better.

Terry said...

About that 2nd movement you asked about, I'll tell you what my teacher said: All 16th notes, even though separate bows, make legato and connected as possible. All eighth notes, if not marked, make stacatto.

For those jumping up and down eighth notes (I'm sure you know which ones I mean) you're not going to be able to connect them anyway. I can't. So if they're all short, it gives you a millisecond to make that frantic leap from low A to B in 4th pos.

StarSkimmer said...

Hey Madeline, that's too bad about your Jagar string. Once my Obligato A string broke right after I got it - I was so mad. Post more soon!

^rico said...

Madeline please link me at

Thank you and hope your cello journey will be fun!

Mike said...

Hey, I found your blog from Folk Cello ... I just wanted to throw out there that even professional cellists like Yo-Yo Ma & Janos Starker get nervous... In Starker's words "One is only doomed in this business if one continues to be nervous after going on stage"

One thing someone told me before I had to give a presentation once (which by the way is exactly like playing cello) is that your audience wants you to succeed.

Best of luck