Sunday, January 21, 2007

A new year of cello playin'

Hey!!! HEYHEYHEY!!! My first lesson of the year was fantabulous! You have to hear the background story though...

Ok so for the past month or so, I had been really irritated with cello playing... Like, I locked it up and threw the key out in the yard... I would quit then feel bad and - erm- un-quit, quit then feel bad and un-quit, etc. Then January rolled around, and I forgot I had payed for some lessons in advance, so I HAD to go.

So I walked in, expecting Mrs. L to tell me how terrible I was for not practicing in like a month, but instead she told me that all great cellists (XD) quit for a while, but they just can't stay away... Then out of the blue she (After cracking me up with her fake uber southern accent!!!) said "Ok! I'm going to inspire you!" then took out my 6th Suzuki book and turned to Tarantella by William Henry Squire, played it for me, then played through it with me. I don't know how, but it really did inspire me. I know I am kinda mean to Mrs. L especially on this blog, but she is an angel, I'm sure of that.

Now I am very cello-y and overall more happy than I was when Winnie was locked up and hidden somewhere in the debths of my dark abyssal closet.

Oh so my point here is if you have had a cello slump such as the one I told you about, I would love to hear about it, and how you got over it!!!

<3 Ya


cellodonna said...

It's good to see you posting again!


z. said...

Hey there Maddie... I found you after bouncing around through a few other cello blogs.

I started playing at 10 years old, played until I was 23 (about the time I finished college) and am just picking it up again now after 8 years of silence. How's that for a slump? :)

You'll have ups and downs with cello... but what's important is that you get back to it & not to get too frustrated with yourself!!

StarSkimmer said...

I'm actually in a 'cello slump' right now - I haven't been practicing regularly for a month (I did practice, but like once a week) and it SUCKS MAJORLY!!! I'm going to do what you did - go practice a song I really like. In my case, it's Chanson Triste, from the fourth book, I think. I'll tell you how it goes - if you keep posting to make me inspired! Deal?