Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's been too long!

I am well grounded for my math grade... Yeah I STILL am, but I am at my dads where I am not grounded, so I can fill everyone in real quick...

~Piece Update~
-Arioso (Suzuki book 5)
---Brandenburg concerto No. 2 (I WANT TO BURN IT!)
---Souvenirs from St. Petersburg
---Some American Hymn thingymabobbeder (I can't remember what its called)

And um thats it. Ok now time to tell about my last lesson.

~Lesson: 12-1-06~
I go in, and immediately butcher Danse Rustique. It was not terrible, but the spots that I had practiced my hardest for the past two weeks were the WORST spots. Other than that it was ok. My tone was better, and I knew what I was doing wrong. Its worse when I don't know and I just keep doing it. XD So then she turned to Arioso and told me 7th position was my friend and I'd best get used to it. I played the part I had learned at my previous lesson just fine and then I sightread the rest of the piece pretty well. I was proud. Then I got the lecture that I get everytime. It's all in my head, it's all in my head... Not cool.

~Upcoming Events~
My old school is having an orchestra concert. Sadly I had to move away from that school to one w/out an orchestra, so now I am stuck in the crowd rather than up in my chair... My 1st chair... MINE! Hehe.

All region is Friday. I get to see Emmaline! YAY! Oh and I get to see Ashley. She's my friend that I call my old lady friend. Long story.

~Non-mucial stuff~
I get to be a peer mediator. I don't know why I was chosen for the job. I am one of those people who will tell you to suck it up and go away. Ha! Actually I am a big softy. That's why I was chosen.


I love that scene! Does anyone know what piece that is?

I <3 that piece. Its Sayuri's theme from Memoirs of a Geisha. The movie was all lies according to multiple geishas, but the music was great.

He likes to "noodle" with things... Lol!

Well that concludes this weeks episode of "As the cellist gripes". (Ha like um whats that show called? Oh "As the World Turns".)


cellodonna said...

Good to see another post from you. Sorry about the math grounding. BTW, my daughter teaches math (7th grade) ... she's been teaching for a year now. Hang in there with the practicing, and it'll all come together. I'm sure you play better than I do!

StarSkimmer said...

To bad about your lesson. Eck, I hate it when I play badly at my lesson. I have one today, and I haven't practiced all week. Yikes! Gotta go!

Antonio said...

The scene is from the movie Hilary & Jackie from 1998 it is a quite nice one. I suppose you know Jacqueline Mary du Pré, don't you? :)

Madeline said...

Oh of course I know that!!! Silly goose! I've seen it and it left me somewhat... Disgusted. She was not that loony... Even I know that, and she was before my time!

Antonio said...

Well, I like the British flair of that film. And the film is also to entertain you, thus it has from time to time some exaggerating aspects. Nothing to worry about :) ...
I hope you haven't quit cello-lessons yet ;) ...