Friday, April 06, 2007



No more lessons, no camps, no CDs, no MP3 player (Both of which are filled with my favorite classical songs). I don't know what to do without my lessons! I miss Mrs. Lopez! *Cries* I really really really do! I have nothing to look forward to at the end of the week. :( I'm desperately looking for scholarship information, but haven't found anything yet. Well thats all the complaining I have to do right now.

Piece Update:
I'm playing The Swan for Greater Southwest
I'm moving on in the 6th book though I do not have Mrs. L's help. *sobsobcrycry*
Sadly, that is all.


geeksluvpi said...

Huh what happened? Why don't you have lessons any more? I'm very sorry things aren't going well! (From a fellow cellists)

Madeline said...

Hey GLP! I've seen your comments on CelloJourney. *Huggles*

Things have been going on between me and my mum, so she is no longer sending me to lessons.

Thanks a ton for your support. I need to go put a link to your blog on my blog. ^-^ Cellists rock!

<3 M

geeksluvpi said...

Sorry to here things aren't well between you and your mom. Just keep practicing and things will work out.

StarSkimmer said...

Hi Madeline! Polo. ;) Sorry about your 'mom troubles'. I try not to get on my moms bad side, but I know what a dark place it can be. I hope you start your lessons again soon, and get your mp3 player back. At least you have your cello! Do you have any sisters/siblings? They can be okay too, sometimes...well, most of the time they're a pain, but sometimes they're good for support. :)