Sunday, May 13, 2007


Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank you guys for commenting. It really helps me out!

Second, I would like to dedicate this picture of my friend's Vans to you. I am the loverly pair of legs on the right. Yeah the bottom half of the pic is gray. Strange, but unplanned. I'll get a better pic posted soon. Just because there is only half of the picture doesn't mean I like you guys half as much, I promise.

Now for the monthly update. I wish I could post more, but I am a busy cellist. Anyway, I played at GSW even though I hadn't had a lesson in a couple months. Mrs. Lopez said I did good considering we only got a chance to go through it once before I played. I got a 2. *Sobsobcrycry* The judge practically yelled at Mrs. Lopez! It was sad. She said "You are supposed to be the best in town! Why didn't you fix her silly little mistakes! For goodness sake! Those were easy things to fix!" then Mrs.L had to explain that I hadn't had a lesson in forever.

Some good news. Emma (My cellist sister. Sure she's not a blood relative. She's something better... A music relative.) is going to the Texas Tech Band and Orchestra camp this year.

Bad news. I don't think I am going.

Good news. My dad said he would pay for some lessons for me in July.

Bad news. That's still a bit more than a month away.

Good news. I bought Winston some stickers for his case. One says "Indie Rock Royalty" and the other has a cameo on it, but the woman is wearing a spiked collar and has wings. Strange, I know but there is a story behind it. Oh and I bought a matching jacket that also says "Indie Rock Royalty" and a messenger back with the Cameo on it. We are matchy matchy. Well we will be when that stuff gets here.

Bad news. I can't remember what else I was going to say...




Oh. Have you ever gotten judged (At a music competition of some sort) by a judge who is really really... Sorta cheesy with their comments? I did last weekend. Here's what she said.

Nice sound, good sense of style. Be careful going up
for the high D to nail it. There are a few places in
the uper register which could use more careful work-
even the last line. There are too many tuning
challenges to warrant a "I" - needs more work. But
you have a great talent, and I hope you will breathe
full life into your musical potential in the future!
Good luck! Inez Wyrick.

How in the world could I have screwed up the last line of the Swan? Oh my gosh... What is happening to me!? Lol kidding. So yeah... There's your update now where are my comments?

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StarSkimmer said...

Agh, I hate it when that happens, you have something to say but you forget. Happens way to often with me, both in blogging and in real life. Grr.
Nice pic, by the way. ;)
Too bad about all that bad news. Well, at least you have the cool stickers and jacket now. :D
I've never gone to a competition, but I don't think those are bad comments. Maybe cheesy, but not bad. Better than getting a big "YOU STINK", right? (I think that's what happened with one of my cello friends. Okay, the judge didn't literally write 'you stink', but all he gave her was criticism, criticism, and more criticism. She wasn't very happy. :(
There! I commented. And I was first, too. *grins*