Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm better! Ok ok ok... I must show this off, but before I do so, let me tell you how much I envy this girl. Sarah. She is a gorgeous red head, talented, and has access to an orchestra... And did I mention she is a red head? Gr! Envyenvyenvy...Evilevilevil... Okie dokie, here she is with her fantabulous trio. ^COPY PASTE INTO ADDRESS BAR Cause for some reason I can't make my tags work today.

Inside the cello world, I am tempted to slit her throat (LOVE YA SARAH!) Outside the cello world... Well I should and would say we are good friends... If it was a true statement. When I met her for the first time at orch-dork camp, I was the shyest little blondie cellist ever, and not just the first day... I was like that alllll week. This year though, she gets the honor of meeting the less shy me... Poor poor Sarah. Anyway, she's brilliant and I am insane, and brilliant+insane is like peanut butter+jelly. We are going to have 1000x as much fun this year as we did last year hopefully. ^_^ Oh and this year, maybe I won't bomb my audition. Scratch that. That should have said "Oh and this year, I will NOT bomb my audition."

Omg! I didn't tell everyone about that. My dad is paying for camp this year. Amazing, right? Well if you know my dad you will agree. He is not the kinda guy who shells out $600 dollars to pay for something for his biological daughter. He is the kinda guy who shells out $600 on his illegitimate children... Ah well. I got lucky and I am taking advantage of it. YAY! *Does the happy 'I'm going to camp' dance*

Sarah, if you made it this far into the post... YAY! I have a question. Um how in the world are you doing those slurs in that stupid audition piece? I freaking suck at those slurs. Ya know the ones that start on a C and end on an Ab. No matter how long I spend working on them, the low C is BOOM and the slur is... [size=itsy bits teenie weenie] Skreeeeek...[/size] I know I played this last year too, but I still have problems when it comes to those dang slurs.

Oh I got my private lessons back btw! ^-^ I just 'bout screamed when my mom asked if I wanted to go back in the fall.

Th-th-thats all folks!


allthingspink said...

OMG. thanks for like the entire blog space!!!! that is like way better than a star in the hollywood walk of fame!

as far as those slurs...
get near the middle of your bow and pull down fast, then get near the tip to go up bow for those other little guys down the a string. post on celloheaven if you have any more ?'s. oh, and visit violaheaven sometime. i am the administrator now and i am in the process of cleaning things up.
Luv ya!
Sarah (brilliant redhead) XD (haha stole your signature)

allthingspink said...

oh, and nice muffins.

cellodonna said...

Great post, Madeline, and I love the new look. And yes, Sarah's gorgeous. I was disappointed that there was no blog when I clicked on her name.

Speaking of slurs ... we have this godawful piece to play at our summer concert (The Glow Worm) that has a rapid slur of six 16th notes in 12/8. Wish I could make that do something other than squeak from low Eb up Ab on the A sting.

Good luck with lessons and camp.