Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I'm at camp. Yes, I am enjoying myself, but not nearly as much as I expected to. A fellow cellist (FROM MY ORCHESTRA FOR PETE'S SAKE) has convinced herself that I am two years old and that I need to be talked down too, even though we are in the same orchestra and almost at the same skill level. I will admit that she is a bit more experienced than me, but not to the point that she can talk to me the way she has been.

Chair test 1: Out of sheer dumb luck I got 2nd chair in the Concert (Order of orchestras from least experienced musicians to most: Sinfonetta, philharmonic, concert, symphony.) orchestra. I beat this condescending cellist, and she can't let it just be because I was better. She keeps making excuses. Yeah, I know I said it was dumb luck, but Mrs. A-dog (Inside joke) said it was because I was better, and whatever she says goes. Anyway, that was today. There is another tomorrow.

Chair test 2: Hasn't happened yet. It's over some harder stuff. It's not too bad, honestly... Except for that part in Jubliee. It's grodey.

Now for the less than fantabulous things. I was totally looking forward to seeing Mrs. Allison. Like... I was jumping up and down uncontrollably. Seriously. I love her to death (Not at the moment) and wish she was my private teacher all the time. She told me she'd give me tons of extra attention because I am not quite thumb position savvy. Now she is too busy making the fabulous students fabulous-er and leaving all of the little people (Ehem ME!) to fend for themselves. It really sucks! All these people who know what they are doing are taking up all of her time, and I am begging, and bribing for a TEN MINUTE lesson!!! She's really grumpy and just looks at me with that "Oh yeah... It's you. Go away, I'm telling this student how perfect she/he is" look. My lessons with her are pretty much IN! PLAY! CORRECT! PLAY! LEAVE! Then she won't give me the time of day. She's not the Mrs. A-dog I remember from all-region and BOC from last year.

I'll gripe more about her later...

My roomie rocks. I don't have much else to say about her.

Now back to Mrs. A. I MISS MRS. LOPEZ!!! I LIKE HER MORE NOW! Sad huh? I've done all of this bragging, and now I just want my calm, quiet, not funny or hyper Mrs. Lopez back. *Cries* I feel like maybe she has been being fake with me since the beginning, and I just found that fake attitude of hers (Though I didn't know it was fake at the time) refreshing after being with Mrs. Lopez for so long. I'm not sure. I'll ask her if she wants to grab lunch with me tomorrow, and figure it out. This is a very heart breaking situation. I get very attached to my cello teachers, no matter who they are. Mrs. Taylor = evil, and I was attached. Mrs. Lopez = always TOO right, but I am attached. Mrs. Allison = Fake?! <--- Majorly attached, but possibly becoming unattached. God, I am such a cry baby huh? Well, someone tell me what to think, because I am just... Out of grey matter.

Will post more after I eat Chinese food.



Seal&Vito said...

I've read it, hehe.

allthingspink said...

some cellist friend... [the irony]
i'm sorry maddie.
i like everyone to play good.
and i like to help people.
i'm sorry i made you feel so young and inexperienced.
you play very very very very very good. which is why you were second chair.
i still love you!
even if you did leave my shoes at camp...
sarah :]]]

Madeline said...

Lol! *Hugs* It's ok. That is what made our cello section so dynamic. There were those who loved to push and those who would rather just be pushed... And then there was me. XD

I was a bit irritated at the time, but that was just the stress of camp and all of the sleep I was losing getting to me. It was probably good that you acted that way, because it ticked me off and made me wanna beat you more. LOL!

I still loves you toos. XD Don't let anything I say get to you. Most of it isn't true. Rofl!