Saturday, July 14, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig

Look! It's the three coolest people on earth. Left to right: Allthingspink from Celloheaven, Mrs. A (Our Sectional leader and coolest cello teacher EVER) and me.

I am home from camp. It was sooooooo fun! Well, I didn't do any of the social stuff (Dances, parties, etc.) because by the end of the day, which was like 4:45ish for me, I was exhausted. I would seriously walk back to the dorm and pass out, only to be rudely awaken by people who obviously didn't value their lives. I learned a ton, and our concert was... Interesting. I'll post the MP3s here soon if I can. I'd tell you what we did wrong, but then that would ruin the pieces for you, so I'm going to let your discover/ not discover what I know is wrong and found later on that was wrong or turned out to be right.

Here is what we played (Remember... MP3s are on their way!!!):

The Light Cavalry Overture by Franz von Suppe
Selections from Mamma Mia arr. by Ted Ricke HS
"Presto" from Three Divertimento Mvmts. by W. A. Motzart
Jubilee by Ron Nelson

It was a fun concert. I'd like for everyone to keep in mind that no matter how ABSOLUTELY STUPID YOU LOOK, you must do as your concert master (Or mistress in my case) chooses to do. During our concert, Dr. W. stood us up, then left the stage. Our lovely first chair first violin didn't seat the orchestra because she either didn't know that she was supposed to lead that or forgot out of post-performance jitters, so we just stood with her. We were all mouthing things like "sit down!" and "seat the orchestra!" but she didn't catch on. We heard our other conductor Mrs. Mac whispering back stage, and turned to look at her. She was standing there waving her arms at us and making the "SIT DOWN!" motion. Finally, after about 60 seconds of humiliation, we sat down and she came out to conduct the next piece. I could hear our sectional leader cracking up in the audience... It was pretty funny at the time.

Also, our big joke in cello sectionals this year was about the word anticipate. Mrs. A kept reminding us to anticipate this shifts. It eventually turned into the "Word of the Day" (Every day... Lol) that was "Brought to you by the letter A!!!" Like Seseme Street! Remember that? They would have a number and a letter everyday.

I'm too tired to continue to tell my orch-dork camp stories, but I fully intend to continue tomorrow! Stay tuned, and we will be right back with "STORIES FROM ORCH DORK CAMP".

Heh heh


Seal&Vito said...

Same glasses..

If anyone asks why you stood there, you can say your first chair thought you need some stretch after sitting so long.

Seal&Vito said...

Well, the embedded clip doesn't work. Looks like you have to find out what's wrong. i tried the original page at WikiUpload but it doesn't work either.

Madeline said...

Noticed... Working on it. MP3 hosts are being mean.

Madeline said...

FIXED! YESSSS! *Happy dance* Mmmkay enjoy!

Lol Good idea Vito.

cellodonna said...

Lovely photo. Sounds like camp was a blast.

allthingspink said...

haha i just really looked at that photo. the ange makes your boobs look big and i look like a deer in the headlights.