Monday, July 02, 2007

Independence day

Guess what I am doing for the 4th? I am going to drill a scale into my head. Why so worried about a scale you ask? Well, I have very little knowledge of thumb pos. because I took a break from lessons and that was what we were going to cover next. This scale is in three octaves and ends on an Eb. Yes, it's the ever disgusting Eb Major. In order to get into Ms. Mac's orchestra, I have to ace this and a stupid little tune from Schroder's book of Etudes. Number 70 I believe... It's not that hard. It just requires more focus than I am willing to give.

So yes, I am skipping the parade and 32" pixie sticks. I am also skipping the turtle races... How sad... (Sarcasm) I will not be making it to the watermelon feast either. That I am truly disappointed about, but Winston's happiness means the world to me. He will be happier hanging out with Mrs. A-dog and Ms. Mac.

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