Friday, July 20, 2007

My First Lesson!!!


Ok, anyway... I have to tell you this story first. It's from orch-dork camp. :)

The first full day at camp we spent all day trying to get each other's names right. In our sectional, we went around saying our first and last name, and Mrs. A-dog fell in love with Erin Milke's (Like Milky) last name. So every time someone would say "My name is Bob Barker and this is Erin" Mrs. A. would always add Milke, because she loved that name so much. So then, she started cracking bad jokes about Erin Milke's name... Like we were really scrunched close together, but Erin had room to move, so Mrs. Allison said "Erin can move because she's low-fat Milke!" There were a few more too. Oh she said "Awww Erin is so sweet! She's chocolate Milke!" and "No need to be sour Milke!" I still laugh when I think of that. It was hilarious, though Erin didn't seem to think so at the time. I guess it's because they were such corny jokes.

Oh so yeah, about my lesson! Today, I start the all-region audition music. The cool thing about that is that the all-region tryouts are excerpts from the all-state audition music. It's exciting. If you get into all-state, you are pretty much guaranteed acceptance into any of the universities here with a music program. I won't make it this year, because I am still struggling with thumb position, but it will be good to work on it anyway. I'm soooo excited! Mrs. Lopez is excited to be getting me back too because I have grown a bit from being on my own for so long. I have a better tone and a better attitude. :) I'll blog about the lesson this evening or tomorrow depending on our internet. It hasn't been working lately. Gr.



MusicGal said...

AAAAH, thumb position. It's not so hard when your thumb is on a harmonic, because then you don't really have to press (and you can focus more on the other fingers...)
I'm hoping to make All-State this year. Luckily, the auditions for my youth symphony are basically taken right from All-State, so it shouldn't be too hard.
I'm looking forward to my own orch-dork camp... this year I'll be interning at the younger camp for the first part of the day, and in the afternoon/evening I'll be a camper at the advanced camp. Should be fun!

allthingspink said...

yeah, i suppose she does kinda know shurple.
and otis belongs to my cousin tyler.
i named him.