Wednesday, August 01, 2007

You must read this whole post!!!!!

Well friends, my summer has come to an end. I hope I have entertained you slightly with my frequent posts. They will become less frequent now, and I'll tell you why later. Guanaco, if you are reading this, I'll only be able to help with CelloHeaven every other weekend, though I would still love to help in anyway I can as often as possible! I adore that website and every person on it... Except Allthingspink. I mean, come on! What kind of name is that? Allthingspink! *Scoffs* HA! Why not Allthingsgreen, or Allthingsblue? Sheesh.


Now I have a story to tell. Gather 'round the circle children so you can all here me. Keith! Stop pulling Donna's hair! Sarah! Get your finger out of your nose!

Part I
Ok, so about a two weeks ago I went to my friend Holy's house right after my private lesson. My granddad pulled up and I immediately said "I need to get my bag and cello so will you unlock the back, please?" So he did. Well it was a pretty big bag, so I got it and took it up to the door then turned around and the back of the truck was closed and locked and my granddad was behind me holding my rabid sister away from Holy. So at first... For a millisecond I thought he had made an honest mistake and forgotten, but then I remembered, he is part of the side of my family that I don't like, so this wasn't an innocent mistake. He had done it on purpose because he wanted to be in control just like every other loon on that side of the family. So here is the brief conversation we had... His words will be in italics.

"Hey I need to get my cello..."
"Nah, it will be ok. I'll be nice to Winston..."
(Now let me cut in right here and tell you that I don't want him calling my cello by his name like he is some part of this musician insanity. It irritates me to no end. Anyway, back to what was said.)
"No, I need my cello. I don't want to leave it with you. It's my cello, so you need to go unlock the truck and let me get my cello out before you leave."
*He begins walking towards the truck, laughing the whole way there* "Nono, he will be fine. He will be ok. I'll be good to him. Don't worry."
"I want my cello! Open the back!"
*He is about to duck down and get into his truck*"I'll see you later Maddie, you two have fun." *He drives away with Winston still IN THE BACK OF HIS WORK TRUCK!*

So tons of things start running through my head. 1) He isn't going to take Winston out of the truck! He will be there until Friday when he comes back to take me to my lesson! 2) The heat and humidity are going to make him swell up and it's going to mess with the crack in the bottom of him! 3) Winnie is going to go out to the country with him and bump around and stuff is going to fall on his case and and... 4) I WANT MY WINNIE!!!

That jerk is driving away with my cello, and I am wishing I would have done things differently...


Part II

Ok so it has been a week since then, and I've spent some time with Holy, and my grandmother, and my GREAT grandmother, and I've read the Harry Potter book, but though I've had all of these things to distract me, my mind hasn't left the thought that Winston is in the back of a truck somewhere with his sound post rolling around inside him and he is cracked all the way around so he is in two pieces. So I worry and wait and wait and wait for Friday, and it finally comes...

My dad showed up at my grandmothers where I had been staying, and rang the doorbell... I went and got in the truck and immediately turned around to look at Winston, though I couldn't touch quite yet. His case was fine. Then we took FOREVER getting to Mrs. Lopez's house, I guess since I was nervous. When we got there, I dragged my cello inside, put it by the couch and walked away from it. Mrs. Lopez laughed and asked what was going on. I told her that I needed her to open the case because I was too afraid to. She agreed to, so I told her the story as she opened it up and took Winnie out. She sat down and inspected him as I continued to call my granddad a slur of many different things (All in Maddie language... So it wasn't any thing worse that "Stupidheadedtennisshoe!!!) Winnie was ok... When she told me that, I started crying and I grabbed Winston and hugged him and shook throughout my whole lesson. Lol! So yeah... Now then... Another story before we continue.


Part II 1/2

My mom and I had decided before that lesson that she would show up (Though my dad was supposed to pick me up) and pick up my cello, so I saw her pull up, and immediately my performance began to suffer, because I knew my dad would freak when I handed my cello over to her (I don't know why, but it's true)... Mrs. Lopez noticed, so I explained the situation and referred to it as a "scene from Jerry Springer" multiple times. So we finished up my lesson by talking about how I need to be less my dadish and more my momish, because it will make my playing better. Then, as I left, I was freaking out because my dad was going to yell at me for it, or I was pretty sure he was going to. Mrs. Lopez hummed the death march as I walked outside... It was not nice. Lol but I cracked up.


Part III

I'll get to that later... I'm getting carpal tunnel.


MusicGal said...

Yay, I read the whole post!
Man, I would be really scared/angry/etc. if that happened to my cello... I think the worst thing that has happened to my Franz was getting left in the car overnight on one cold Washington winter evening. (The intonation was, needless to say, out of whack.)
Sounds like you have an awesome teacher! I can't imagine my teacher ever acting sympathetic like that... it just doesn't seem like her. Oh well, she's still a good teacher.

cellodonna said...

That sure was scary. I kept hoping that you were going to say it was a bad dream.

Guanaco said...

It must be difficult to have poor Winston caught up in all this :(

I remember back when you had your doubts about Mrs. L; sounds like she's not so bad after all...

CelloHeaven sure won't be the same without you (many thanks, BTW for helping out there). I hope you still drop by as often as you can.

allthingspink said...

why only every other weekend? you never really said why unless its that momish dadish thing... and i agree with ms. lopez. and why

Kat&Maddie? is she near you? that could be a lethal combination.

do i get an asylum number?
i want to be 119789.
because 7 8 9. haha

and if it was, my name would be allthingsgreen. but its not, so it will continue to be allthingspink. allthingsblue just sounds depressing and im already having that problem so no more please.

allthingspink said...

and i dont like you either.


>:P (angry face)

Madeline said...

Yeah, Kat is only 100 miles from here... And I make that drive weekly, so I can see her as much as I want.

allthingspink said...

well, that whole computerless thing sucks.

but i need your adress and birthday so i can send you a present... i know you will like it.

you can send me a PM on celloheaven if you want or send me a text message. yay.

and shopping was fun. i like socialnness!