Sunday, August 12, 2007

Am I a piece of glass? Or perhaps some evanescent whisp of smoke?

((I'll finish my previous story tomorrow! I promise. Look here tomorrow for Part III))

Yes, yes I think I am. I swear to you, I am going crazy here.

He never notices me until I screw up...


Quick recap of lesson

-Walk in, sit, unpack
-Play some scales (For the first time ever... Lol)
-Learn that I must memorize every scale ever... um invented... And play two excerpts of two cello solos... And sightread... To get into the youth orchestra here... *Faints*
-Play through the first part of Rondo (Suzuki book 6)
-Start the Swan (For my other solo excerpt)

So I am playing through the Swan trying to refresh my memory, and I'm doing an ok job then... Noah Littlejohn walks in. NOAH LITTLEJOHN... NOAH LITTLEJOHN!!! So immediately I screw up... And no, not just a little bit... I crash... And burn. The whole time he is getting ready for his lesson, and I can see it on his face that he thinks I don't sound great. Now, if you know me, you know that I adore this guy. He is so talented! Mrs Lopez knows that too, and she rescheduled my lesson... And put it right before his, knowing that I would squirm with him around. She laughed at me through this whole little scene. It was soooooo embarrassing. He wouldn't even give me the time of day as it was, but now he thinks I'm a total idiot who he won't give the time of day to. *Heart breaks*


I'm too depressed to finish this post... I'll do it later. *Walks away, head and shoulders drooping, sniffling quietly and casually wiping away some pitiful li'l tears*



Seal&Vito said...

it seems you're in debts of posts now.

cellodonna said...

Hmmm... is this a major crush? Your post brings back memories of my high school diaries. (grimace)

Does he know you adore him? If he's so talented Maybe Mrs. L should suggest that he coach you a bit.

Madeline said...

Omg, I wish he would... Apparently he's very picky, but I would get over that... Or be in awe to the point that I wouldn't notice.

And to answer your first question...

I believe so. It is sort of off and on. I'll post a better explanation later. He's the reason I started really getting into playing, the reason I still play, the reason I take lessons from Mrs. Lopez rather than one of the other two teachers... etc etc. He is my muse in human form, if you will.

MusicGal said...

I totally know how you feel... kinda. I mean, that's basically how I am with the section leader of my youth symphony. *sigh* Although sometimes I'm in doubt as to whether he actually knows I exist...

*sniff* Ahh, the pangs of unrequited love. ;-)

cellodonna said...

We should all have a muse of some sort.

Maddie, both you and Musicgal are adorable. I'm sure you've both been noticed.

I'm going to read some of my old diaries soon. Yes, they will remind me of the many "pangs of unrequited love," (not to mention my pathetic shallow thoughts at that time) but they will also bring to mind many good memories of my parents and my friends.

MusicGal said...

Even now, reading my diary from just last year, I feel either like "I was such an idiot!" or "Wow, I sound so mature!" ;-) And thanks for the compliment, cellodonna!

Madeline said...

Hehe... Thanks Donna *Blushes*

Musicgal-> You are gorgemous(TM) and have so much personality. Of course he's noticed you. I'm sure he has.

What sucks is that he's not the cutest guy in the whole world, but I don't really care. His talent had me the first time I ever heard him play.

I'm not boy crazy either. If any of my close friends knew I had a crush, they'd go hide in their apocalypse shelters.

Hehe *Tries to imagine what Donna's diaries sound like* Hehehehehehe!

Well, I'll see him Wednesday... Any tips/ideas of any sort of how to approach him?

MusicGal said...

*blushes* Thanks! The same to you, Madeline! :D
Unfortunately I'm looking for "guy-approaching tips" too... that's definitely one thing I'd like to improve!

cellodonna said...

When I was 14, I chased after a boy named Bobby O. ...Scared him off for good! So I won't even try to give advice, except to say just play it slow and easy. (hey ... the music too!)

Later in college I saw this really cute guy and couldn't get him to notice me at all for 5 months. Then I found out that one of my friends was dating his older brother. So I "arranged" for an intro, and have been happily married to that "cute guy" for 39 years.

I wish you all the best with Noah and hope things work out for you.

PS: just for fun one day I'll post a page from one of my old diaries!

Madeline said...

Aw that's adorable. I love a good love story. Lol :D

Well... I should be practicing, but Win is with the evil lady at the local music store (Local meaning 100 miles from here.)

At the audition I have to sight read an easy piece, a hard piece, do any scale the judge-y person chooses, and play two solos. I have... *Checks list* None of this ready. I may not audition. I haven't decided yet.

allthingspink said...

ah, maddie, you shall be fine. and you MUST audition. otherwise noah will think you are a flop. at life, cello, et cetera... you get the picture. and the swan isnt that bad. just depressing. i played it the other day. but i hope you do good. and its good that you look up to him. and is winnie in the shop because of his discovery at camp about your backwards bridge?

and anyone that can play that cello concerto the way he did has every right to be mused after (if that is how you say it.)

but good luck. with everything.