Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm on fire... *Rolls eyes*

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, bums and hobos, may I present to you... Miss... MADDIE THE FAILURE.


Have you figured it out yet?

How about now?

No, well ok I'll tell you. First, the world's worst acronym. ASYO. Ok now then... Yes, I auditioned Monday. No, I did not make it. Here's the recap for those who are interested.

I walked out onto the stage, and realized OH NO! no cello strap. So I borrowed a rock stop from Bassman. I started with The Swan (Slower = Safer :P) which started out pretty good. Decent tone. Intonation rocked. The new strings helped out (Couldn't get Jargars... Not the season I suppose. Larsen A & D, Thomastik Spirocore G & C) but they didn't save me. My rock stop slipped out like... 6ish inches and WHOOSH! Out of tune, lost my place, bow SQUEEEEAKed, and the high D DIED.

Then I moved on to Rondo... The piece from hell. My thumb pos. was ok until about 6 or 7 lines into the piece. Then I screwed up, tried to go back to the beginning of the measure, screwed up again, tried to go back... Finally I kept going, slowly and shakily... I finished and refused to look up. Haha. I did two scales. They thought I sucked so he said C major and D... How insulting!!! I knew I was done then. I had no chance, but I went ahead and did the easier sight reading. It was in Bb M, or something like that. I knew that until two measures before the end and forgot so all of the b's and e's were natural. Smoooooth...


Guanaco said...

I'm so sorry.

Don't give up, though. Maybe the Jazz Ensemble will open some new and interesting doors for you. Then next time you'll knock their socks off - give 'em an improv riff on Bach for your warmup or something.

Gottagopractice said...


Erin said...

Sorry your audition didn't go well!

allthingspink said...

poor maddie.
that always sucks, and i am sorry that you didnt make it.

and what guanaco said- dont give up, not that i think you would, but only because of noah! *wink wink* its kinda how when my cello trio went to state we a) all forgot rockstops and b) NONE of us had our music. not so good.

dont be down on yourself, and just consider this an opporunity to start practicing for next year!

love ya! :D