Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jazz band?

Story time. A while back, we talked to the high school jazz band director. We asked if I could be in the jazz band (Since there is no orchestra program here...)and the director said "No, there is no place for a cello in a jazz band..." but yesterday, my band geek friend went in and asked again... Because he is a good guy and knows I want to play my cello with a group DESPERATELY. So, the director said "Oh you mean Maddie Brown? Yeah we could find a place for her... If that's what she wants..." So now I've got to decide if I think I can do it... What do you guys think? I'll put up a poll, but I want some comments too. Let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Oh, and I talked to Mrs. A about this... She says she was in a jazz orchestra and any chance I get to play, I should definitely take. I love her to death, and she knows what she's talking about, so I'll probably do it, but still, I like to know what you are thinking.

Eep! One more thing. Next weekend, I'll be posting a special post, so please keep an eye out for it!

Love ya!


allthingspink said...

maddie! thats sooo exciting!
you should definitely go for it. that is awesomeness!
and how did youth symphony auditions go?
or is that later on and i just messed up?

Madeline said...

I called the symphony lady and we scheduled it for Monday at 7:30... So that's the first day of high school, and I have to drive to Amarillo for an audition... Oh joy. ;)

So anyway, back on topic. You think so? You think a cello is flexible enough to play jazz?

Guanaco said...

Yay Maddie!

What an opportunity! The fact that cellos aren't "normally" found in jazz bands ought to open some interesting doors for you, that will help you grow as a cellist.

There are plenty of jazz cellists out there who would surely argue that the cello is more than flexible enough to play jazz.

Go for it!

Terry said...

Ok, so the practical problem is "What part do you play?" Having played trombone in a high school/college/adult jazz bands, here's what I think:

a) Often, a trombone part.

b) Sometimes, a string bass/bass guitar part.

c) Sometimes, a bari or tenor sax part (Learn to transpose, you'll be forever glad you did).

d) Sometimes, make up your own part (Review the score and use you imagination).

e) Sometimes, tacit (ie, don't play). There will be times when it doesn't fit in, and that's ok, too.

Terry said...

Before you audition, you might want to read about Oscar Pettiford ( )

or other jazz cellists like:
Harry Babasin, Sam Jones, Ray Brown, Ron Carter, Buell Neidlinger, Dave Holland, Chico Hamilton, Eric Dolphy, Albert Ayler Julius Hemphill, Fred Katz, Nat Gershman, Ron Carter, Joel Friedman , Abdul Wadud, Trinstan Honsinger, Tom Cora, David Eyges, Hank Roberts, or Erik Friedlander.

Anonymous said...

If you have the opportunity you should definitely do it. The cello is such a nice instrument for Jazz. I myself am going to play Jazz and South American rhythms together with some friends.
So,do it! :)

MusicGal said...

Definitely yes!

Seal&Vito said...

Gulda composed a jazz concert for cello. you can get the mp3 here.

The Cello Man said...

Its A Great Idea! I Play Electric Cello In My Schools Jazz Band, And It's Great.