Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another embarassing lesson

Does anyone else out there go into your lesson and think 'I shouldn't talk while I am in there! I always say stupid stuff!'? That is exactly what I think. I am always afraid to speak at all, but can't help it. The one thing leads to another, and I am trembling in that chair due to a nervous breakdown caused by a discussion about how silly the things I say are. Its terrible! Anyway, here's how my lesson went...

I went in and listened to Emily play (6th grader who is also a cellist. Shes in book 6), and lemme tell ya. Book 6 does NOT sound fun! If I would have been late, I wouldn't have heard her fumble through a piece with thumb pos. in it and I wouldn't be terrified of it!

She left and I played through Danse Rustique on Winston while Mrs. Lopez was away, tending to dinner I think. She came back in, took my cello from me, and handed me her $65,000 cello! She then told me to do it again, and left the room. I played through it again just as shyly as I played it the first time. The only problem was that I could NOT play shyly on that cello. Its tone is just... Wow... If I tried to play piano on that cello, it sounded like Winston's forte! That is partially my fault though. My dynamics aren't really exaggerated the way they should be. Anyway, she wouldn't let me use Winston at all after she heard me on her expensive cello, so I was trying my hardest to sound small. What kind of idiot does that, you ask? ME! We started Arioso, and I outplayed her, but not intentionally! I still suck at Tenor so it was slow, but I got through first 2 or 3 lines and she told me to pack up. It wasn't a great lesson, but it wasn't bad either.

Don't you just love my details?!? Hehe. It's really late, so I will try to elaborate tomorrow. Oh! WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

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StarSkimmer said...

Wow, I just watched the video. Wow. It was good! I wish I could animate like that!